newPark: Investment in an industrial park of the future

On a planning area of around 290 hectares, the newPark in Datteln offers for major industrial investment projects and consortia of national and international companies. The site is located on the northern edge of the Ruhr Conurbation – in one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe with over 5 million inhabitants.

The newPark has excellent connections to the surrounding cities and benefits from a dense highway network in the region. At the same time, in the course of development, the infrastructure as well as transport services for new forms of mobility will be created.

The area of 156 hectares to be marketed is divided into three areas and provides a flexible context for a range of surface areas and uses. With high-quality, future-oriented infrastructures and complementary services, the newPark meets the needs of tomorrow’s industries and offers investors and companies decisive competitive advantages today.

With the focus on major industries and manufacturing sectors as well as companies, businesses and start-ups in research, development and services in the growth markets GreenTech and Industry 4.0, the newPark will gain statewide importance as a modern industrial park in the coming years.

There is a broad regional and cross-city consensus behind the newPark: 23 municipalities and two counties as well as politicians and associations are supporting the creation of the industrial park, which is progressing steadily: The regional development plan has been adopted and the decision on the tender development plan for the first expansion stage is in preparation. All essential planning and expert opinions, such as on emissions and compensatory measures, have been made available and thus offer investors significant planning security.

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