Large contiguous area for large-scale industry

Industry in attractive park landscape
In the newPark, an area of 86 hectares is reserved for large-scale industries. However, the entire area can be marketed flexibly – as a contiguous area for large-scale industrial use or for a network of several cooperating companies. For the latter, sites are possible from as little as 10 hectares. In the regional development plan, the area is earmarked for large-scale projects, which are considered to mean consortia (Industry 4.0.) of multiple operations with a land requirement of 50 hectares.

newPark: Großindustrie (ab 10 Hektar)

The site is located north of the newPark-Allee, which as the design calling card of the newPark offers a high quality of stay and at the same time functions as the central main access axis. The central, awareness-raising location offers the companies located there the ideal framework for a representative external presentation, which at the same time contributes to the image formation of the entire location.

Depending on the intended use, there are different requirements for the internal development. If the contiguous site is marketed to a single company, two public access roads will be provided from newPark-Allee as well as a main access road branching off from it through a traffic circle. If the site is divided into separate parcels, the internal access will be via a U-shaped bracket connected to newPark-Allee through a traffic circle. A total of four different access routes have been planned in advance, which can be implemented as required.

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