Areas for research, development and services

Showcase for GreenTech
Along the representative newPark Allee runs the smallest and at the same time highest-quality construction section with 21 hectares. It acts as a link between heavy industry and light industry and will develop into the central area for research, development and services. Offices, laboratories and start-ups related to green technologies will enliven the industrial park with innovative products, technologies and ecological architecture and contribute to the identity and image of the entire newPark as a showcase for GreenTech. Smaller area units than 3 hectares are also possible, which can also be used for congress facilities, hotels or exhibition areas.

newPark: Research, developement and services.

With a central access road outside the newPark Allee, all traffic will be handled and the orientation of the area as a “green core” will be taken into account. However, direct access from the avenue is possible for guests and employees. The size and number of delivery zones and parking spaces will depend on the company.

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