Sustainability, Environment & Climate Protection at the newPark

The newPark sets new standards in environmental and climate protection. As a model location for the compatibility of business, environmental and climate protection, the site is particularly attractive for so-called GreenTech-companies. These are innovative industries that minimise environmentally harmful emissions, especially climate-damaging greenhouse gases, through resource efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Green spaces inside and outside the site contribute to the conservation of species. Innovative rainwater management on the one hand relieves the drainage systems, especially during heavy rainfall events, and on the other improves the microclimate through more rainwater evaporation.

The sustainability concept is ambitious: The site infrastructure – from drainage to energy supply – is intended to demonstrate a new quality of environmentally friendly production without losing sight of the economic aspects.

The architecture will also testify to the green profile and reflect the ecological aspirations of newPark: The architecturally appealing newPark Allee will be a showcase for research & development, technologies as well as ecological architecture – from energy-generating buildings to green roofs as new habitats for investments and animals.

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