Part of the Ruhr Conurbation, a central location within Europe

The newPark is located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the north of the Ruhr Conurbation, which is Germany’s largest metropolitan area with five million inhabitants. At the same time, the industrial location is centrally located relative to the major conurbations of Europe:

From Datteln to the whole of Europe: The newPark is well connected.

In principle, the newPark benefits from the well-developed transport infrastructure in the Ruhr Conurbation.

In the course of realising the site in two construction phases, it will be necessary to create new transport services that meet the mobility needs of employees and companies, but at the same time point the way to a new mobility of the future – from sustainable means of transport of the environmental alliance to low-emission vehicles of electric and hydrogen mobility to strategies of intelligent traffic avoidance.

For the newPark, therefore, in addition to an investigation of the traffic connections and future loads a future-oriented mobility concept has been developed.

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