In harmony with nature – species conservation at the newPark

The newPark site is located in a valuable landscape area with the Lippe floodplain to the north and the Schwarzbach floodplain to the south. The habitats of animals and investments will be protected and preserved as far as possible. More than 60 percent of the commercial area will remain green. Thus, the existing wooded areas will be preserved and supplemented as far as possible. Landscape elements of particular ecological value – especially the existing forest-like structures or the existing lime tree avenue – will be preserved and form important biotope networks within the industrial area. They will be further developed and used for the landscape reference and image formation of the new industrial area.

In order to protect the valuable landscape of the Lippe floodplain, the industrial location will be greened in the north by a wide planted earthen embankment. To the south, the industrial estate opens up to the renaturalised Schwarzbach stream. In addition, the areas along the Schwarzbach will be used for rainwater retention and treatment.

As a rule, the existing water bodies will be preserved and further developed. Similarly, a valuable tree population has been integrated into the planning in specific areas.

Sources: Report ‘Fortschreibung des städtebaulichen Rahmenplans’, Planungsgruppe Berlin GmbH/Christine Edmaier ; Report ‘newPark – Visionen und Gestaltungsleitlinien’, Freie Planungsgruppe Berlin GmbH/Christine Edmaier und Mueller und Partner

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