The newPark embedded in nature and landscape

In the newPark, industry is to blend into the landscape in a park-like manner. More than 60 percent of the industrial park will remain green. At the centre of the ambitious open space planning is the newPark lake, which, together with the ecological redesign of the Schwarzbach stream and the fruit tree yards, will create a high quality of stay.

The competition procedure for the qualification of the green and open spaces was won by the firm Müller and Partner Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA. The design they have a developed takes particular account of the qualities of the natural spaces adjacent to the planning area and even enhances them in part. The greening measures improve their ecological value and the recreational function in the newPark. A particularly sensitive design of the transition zones between development and open space ensures that the newPark blends harmoniously into the natural and cultural landscape. Even within the planning area, existing landscape and natural elements such as the lime tree avenue or some wooded areas are largely preserved and blend harmoniously into the overall concept. In this way, landscape braces are created that provide for the interconnection of valuable biotopes, attractive path relationships, and sufficient space for near-natural rainwater management. The renaturation of the Schwarzbach by the Lippeverb and is also making a contribution to the upgrading.

Another defining element in the open space design of the newPark is the fruit tree orchards, which are planted in several places near the workplaces and invite people to linger – for example during their lunch break, but also when seeking recreation.

Working in attractive surroundings – the modern open space concept of the newPark, in harmony with Industry-4.0, raises the prospect of dissolving the strict contrasts between industrial, commercial, residential and recreational areas. Through this attractive interlocking of the urban and the natural, the industrial area becomes a diverse park landscape, whereby nature in the open spaces is to remain fundamentally protected and respected.

The newPark Promenade as a calling card

The planned newPark Allee with a high quality of stay functions as the backbone and calling card of the entire industrial park. Columnar tree species characterise the tightly designed urban promenade, on which areas for pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooters are marked by different surfacing materials.

At the junction of the newPark Allee, the landscape space and the development meet most clearly. A planned defining element for the park character of the area is the newPark lake, which opens towards the promenade to form a piazza. By embedding it in the green surroundings and creating an attractive design with seating steps and terraced areas, this large-scale water feature will become the central focal point for people seeking recreation in the newPark.

Sources: Report ‘Fortschreibung des städtebaulichen Rahmenplans’, Planungsgruppe Berlin GmbH/Christine Edmaier; Report ‘newPark – Visionen und Gestaltungsleitlinien’, Freie Planungsgruppe Berlin GmbH/Christine Edmaier und Mueller und Partner

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