newPark: New industry for the 21st century

With a total area of 290 hectares, the newPark is the largest project for connecting new industry, digital services, environmental and climate protection in NRW. In the north of the Ruhr Metropolis , a new industrial growth core with an environmental role model function is to be created: The aim is to establish the newPark as a model location for green innovations, energy efficiency and resource conservation (Green Tech) as well as digitally networked production (Industry 4.0). The newPark is being developed as a low-emission location that is compatible with the adjacent nature and landscape conservation area and is intended to be groundbreaking for the development of a climate-neutral industry.

Thanks to an innovative overall concept, the newPark has outstanding locational advantages in international competition::

  • Space for new industry and commerce: With 156 hectares of marketable space, the newPark is the largest industrial and commercial site in the Ruhr region and Westphalia and one of four sites of state significance for major projects in NRW.
  • Focus on industries of the future:
    The newPark concept is aimed at particularly high-growth sectors from the environmental economy (GreenTech) and networked digitalised production (Industry 4.0)
  • Flexible space concept:
    The tripartite structure of the space sizes offers the greatest possible flexibility of the space and development structures and opens up the newPark as a location for innovative SMEs as well as for expanding large companies.
  • Working in the park: The newPark will have a high urban design quality and an attractive open space design that is seamlessly embedded in the surrounding park landscape.
  • Innovative industrial services: The newPark concept envisages the provision of classic and digital industrial services by central service providers – from contract manufacturing 4.0 and additive manufacturing in the 3D printing centre to the data centre in the newPark Cloud.
  • Smart energy concept:
    The newPark Energy Grid ensures an efficient and low-emission supply through the intelligent use, generation and distribution of energy, which can be expanded to include the centralised supply of hydrogen as the green energy source of the future.
  • A place for innovation:
    The newPark Innovation Lab serves as a nucleus for innovations at the interface between technology and mature business models: Together with the central industrial services, newPark companies develop products that can be manufactured using the existing machine capacities in the newPark.

The combination of manufacturing companies and innovative industrial services qualifies the newPark as the first address for new industry in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Together for the region

Behind the newPark is a regional, cross-city cooperation that is unique in Germany. 23 municipalities and two districts are involved in the planning, financing and realization of the industrial area. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) North Westphalia, NRW.URBAN GmbH, WiN Emscher-Lippe GmbH and the business development agency for the district of Unna mbH are also involved. The newPark can also rely on broad political support: the district council of the district of Recklinghausen and 23 city councilors are the majority behind the project. Numerous other associations from the DGB to the district handicraft associations support the development of this state-wide important industrial project.

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