NRW coalition agreement gives newPark an unexpected tailwind

Article from the Recklinghäuser Zeitung from Friday, 01 July 2022

The coalition agreement of the Black-Green state government was also eagerly awaited for the newPark as a state-significant project. We were pleased to note that the newPark will continue to be prioritised as a designated area in the state development plan under the new state government. Michael Wallkötter headlines his article in the Recklinghäuser Zeitung “NRW coalition agreement gives newPark an unexpected tailwind”.

The state government aims to make NRW the first climate-neutral industrial region in Europe. The future of industry is more than ever linked to issues such as climate, mobility, digitalisation, energy and the question of ecology and economy.

The newPark is being developed as a low-emission location that is compatible with the adjacent nature and landscape conservation area and is intended to be groundbreaking for the development of a climate-neutral industry. A model location for green innovations, energy efficiency and resource conservation (Green Tech) as well as digitally networked production (Industry 4.0) is planned.

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