Final spurt for the newPark development plan

Report in the Dattelner Morgenpost from June 17, 2023

On Monday, June 19, 2023, the Datteln City Council will vote on the development plan for the first construction phase of the newPark. This has now been reported by the Dattelner Morgenpost. The council’s decision on the development plan would be an important milestone for the realization of the project. 60 hectares of marketable industrial space would then be available.

newPark Managing Director Andreas Täuber commented on the upcoming vote in the Dattelner Morgenpost article. “Despite all the political interference, he still firmly believes in success,” reports the Morgenpost. He is certain that the first building will be completed on the first construction phase by 2026.

Although he understands the criticism of the newPark, the newspaper reports, he also pleads not to lose sight of the project’s opportunities – such as the creation of jobs. Täuber does not see the shortage of skilled workers as a problem for the newPark, he told the newspaper. “He still sees structural problems in the region, as the Ruhr area has been severely weakened by the end of the steel and coal industry, meaning that jobs have been lost,” reports the Dattelner Morgenpost. “A variety of workplaces is therefore needed.”

There is still great interest in the newPark, Andreas Täuber continued. Especially now, when interest in locating production here is growing due to global conditions. Talks with interested parties are already underway, he told the newspaper. “But the official marketing will ideally start on Monday evening, when we have the planning permission. Because then we have planning law. Then we can talk concretely about what.”

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