City council votes by a large majority in favor of the newPark

Report in the Dattelner Morgenpost from June 20, 2023

The decision has been made: The Datteln city council has voted in favor of the newPark by a large majority. This has now been reported by the Dattelner Morgenpost. There can be no question of a close result. “The council approves the draft development plan by 33 votes to 8,” writes the newspaper. Only the Greens and the left-wing parliamentary group had spoken out against the park, the report continued. An application by the Greens to interrupt and re-examine the development plan had previously been rejected.

This means that nothing stands in the way of the first construction phase. “In the next steps, the administration is to arrange the financing of the development of the site,” the Morgenpost continues. With a total area of 290 hectares, including 156 hectares of marketable industrial space, the newPark is set to become the largest industrial and commercial area in NRW. Planning law has now been created with the development plan for the first construction phase with 60 hectares of marketable industrial space. They will soon be available to industrial companies from all over the world.

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