Into the future with the newPark

The newPark is one of the largest industrial sites in North Rhine-Westphalia, which will in the coming years attract companies from important growth markets, such as GreenTechdigitisation and Industry 4.0 to Datteln. With their future-oriented products, these companies or consortia will strengthen the city’s innovative and economic resources and also create almost 9,000 jobs in knowledge-based, research-intensive and future-oriented industries. According to an analysis by Prognos AG, up to 2,700 additional jobs will be indirectly created in the region. With the newPark, the City of Datteln is thus developing into a modern industrial location that at the same time strengthens the region’s position as an internationally competitive business location.

Numerous stimuli for urban development
The creation of qualified jobs offers not only Datteln but also the surrounding cities Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund and the districts Recklinghausen and Unna great potential for growth. The region, which is characterised by structural change, has lost a massive number of jobs in recent years, while at the same time the proportion of employees subject to social insurance contributions continues to fall due to emigration and demographic change. The newPark will counteract this and provide major stimuli for the local and regional employment market. This will lead to further positive effects – from the increase in purchasing power in the region and the strengthening of the retail trade to the reduction of commuter flows and new, attractive residential offerings, which will have to be created in the long term for the expected settlements in Datteln and the surrounding towns.
The experience with the Chemiepark Marl have shown what positive developments an industrial park can have for a city and the surrounding region.

Modern commercial area with high quality of stay
However, the effects on urban development go far beyond location and economic effects. The newPark is integrated into the existing landscape and harmoniously combines the urban and the natural. With a lake, fruit tree landscapes, a promenade as well as representative green corridors, an attractive park landscape is being created in the industrial area, which establishes new connections to nature as well as to the rewilded Schwarzbach. This increases the quality of stay and offers pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooters new spaces for leisure and local recreation.

In dialogue with people
The newPark is being developed in intensive dialogue with citizens. We invite you to visit our website to find out more about current planning, project implementation and the impact on people in the region. We are happy to provide further information in discussions and forums. Suggestions are welcome.

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